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Cabot Financial Debt Collecting Agents



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Cabot Financial Debt Collecting Agents is a debt purchasing company listed in the website of the







Name: Cabot Financial Debt Collecting Agents
Address: 1 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4UA
Telephone: 01732 524 705 (but do NOT phone Cabot Financial).
Fax: 01732 522374
Email: [user]
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Cabot Financial Debt Collecting Agents

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Certainly, it is true that some DCAs are far worse than most. Perhaps the worst of the bunch have a sideline in writing batches of thousands of tentative letters telling people they owe money when in fact they owe nothing at all. This tactic works well for the debt collecting firms as they are very well aware that a small percentage of frightened people will submit to their threats even though they realize full well they have bo debts whatsoever. The least honest of the DPCs buy information about lists of delinquent debtor accounts over six years old to try and profit from them. But this is totally against the law. These debts are known as Statute Barred, they are out of date and they cannot be legally enforced.

If you are struggling with Cabot Financial debt collecting agents you'll be aware of all the tricks they use to extort money out of you in order to profit from you. You may have already experienced bad dealings with them on the phone or by letter. They may phone you when they know it is inconvenient for you and do this lots of times. They may be sending you official-appearing sternly worded letters threatening to 'send the boys round' to collect the full amount or take you to court if you cannot pay. Other tricks could involve attempting to make a charging order on your home or in some way cause you and your family great personal suffering.

It is an option to question the validity of the money owed by making a SAR as a response to Cabot Financial debt collecting agents. The owner of the debt (the bank or the debt collecting firm) must give you a true copy of the original contract with the bank if the agreement was made prior to 6 April 2007. When they fail to do this they are breaking the Consumer Credit Act, and the debt is said to be in dispute. For as long as this situation exists they cannot make demands for you to pay it (if they do they are breaking the law once again) and they are not allowed to sell it on (which many do anyway). As long as the debt is in dispute it is said to be unenforceable, even by a judge. There is a series of template letters available that you can use to follow up. Or you can get a solicitor to help you, because it can be a bit of a strain doing it all by yourself. There are also specialist legal and paralegal firms who have expertise in this field.

The judicial system in Britain doesn't seem to care when these things happen for some reason. Many of the debt purchasing firms that ply their nefarious trade in the UK are financed by foreign investment companies knowing a fast buck where they can see it. There is legislation meant to be in place governing Cabot Financial debt collecting agents, but for some unknown reason these debt purchasing companies operate by flouting the law as much as possible. They only desist when they are punished by a body like the OFT or the FSA. And even in such cases the small punishment they are threatened with is such a tiny proportion of their income that they don't give a damn, and they treat all such punishments with utter contempt.

So ask Cabot Financial Debt Collecting Agents for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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