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Cabot Financial Debt Collection Agency is a debt purchasing company listed in the website of the


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Name: Cabot Financial Debt Collection Agency
Also Known As: Cabot Financial Debt Collectors Ltd., etc.
Address: 1 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent
Telephone: 01732 524 705
Fax: 01732 522374

Cabot Financial Debt Collection Agency and the Truth About Your Debt

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Certainly, some debt purchasing companies are worse than others. There are those who routinely deal in sending out tentative letters to people saying that they owe money when they know that they owe nothing at all. This seems to work well for these debt collectors for the reason that they are well aware that a certain percentage of people will submit to their threats although they know that they owe nothing at all. Some of these debt collection firms (not necessarily Cabot) compile inventories of debts over six years out of date and try to make money from them. They are classified as Statute Barred, and they cannot legally be enforced.

The chances are that they might ask you for your mobile number (and most people do nowadays). But do not tell them. If they have it they may bother you wherever you are 24 hours a day if they want. They will persist even after you ask them not to, so put it in writing, and send the letter by registered post or recorded delivery so that you get a signature as proof of delivery (the problem is that so many operate from a PO box number so a signature is impossible). Some debt collecting companies (or DCAs) will contact the people who live next door to talk to them about your debt. The worst may even tell your kids that you cannot pay your bills or say that they will do this, wanting to make a better profit. All these agencies are purely profit driven and their individual salesmen know that they have to reach targets. All these activities are illegal, but the law seems indifferent for some reason. Dealing with Cabot Financial debt collection agency can put a strain on you.

DPCs or debt purchasing companies make their profit by buying bad debts from banks for pennies on the pound then attempt to extort the full value from you. When dealing with Cabot Financial debt collection agency it is worth remembering that they make their living by doing this. They will use all sorts of tactics to get the money from you. That often includes scaring people to the point where their lives become blighted, their marriages decay and their lives become meaningless. All because some greedy people obtained the data about an unsecured debt and wanted to make a profit from the misery it caused.

As you are having to deal with Cabot Financial debt collection agency you can be reassured that many of the things they are using against you are illegal. These debt collecting companies (or DCAs) are under little pressure, or so it appears, to improve their conduct until ordered to do so by some official institution or similar body.

So ask Cabot Financial Debt Collection Agency for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.


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