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Name: Cabot Financial

Cabot Financial

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Some debt collecting companies are far worse than others. Perhaps the most notorious deal in writing thousands of suppositional letters to people saying that they owe money when in fact they know full well they owe nothing at all. This ruse seems to work well for the debt collecting agencies as they know that a small percentage of frightened people always give way when bullied although they realize that they owe nothing at all. Several of the DPCs get hold of lists of debtor accounts which are over six years old and try to make money from them. This is unlawful. These debts are known as Statute Barred, they are out of date and they cannot legally be enforced.

You should always ensure that you know whether the debt collecting company bought the debt themselves as an investment or whether they are doing recovery work on behalf of a client such as a credit card issuer or a bank (in which case they would pocket a percentage of recovered money). If a letter of assignment has been sent, as required by law if the debt has been sold, then you know that the debt collections agency or DCA owns the debt and therefore will attempt to get as much out of you as they can. When dealing with Cabot Financial bear in mind that almost everything the collections agency gets is profit as they bought the debt wholesale. So they will try to get you any way they possibly can.

The UK judicial system seems to turn a blind eye when these things happen, or so it seems. Many of the debt collection companies that ply their trade in the UK are owned by foreign investment capital more than eager to make easy money. There is legislation meant to be in place governing Cabot Financial, but the debt firms manage to trade by bending the rules whenever they are able. They only stop breaking the law on being rebUKed by a body like the OFT or the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Even then the small punishment meted out is such a small fraction of their profits that they don't really care, and they treat all such punishments with contempt.

Plenty of people have noticed that these debt collection companies will always insist on talking to you on the telephone. They always prefer to use the telephone rather than communicate in writing. Isn't this strange? The reason for this is that they wouldn't want make threats on paper as they wouldn't wish to impeach themselves in a verifiable form like a letter.

So ask Cabot Financial for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





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